"Win's Wheels is rapidly becoming Conejo Valley's best kept secret for cyclists and triathletes, the most genuine service, warm atmosphere and best hidden location. Finding this pot of gold is worth getting lost."

Jonathan Toker, Ph.D. / Newbury Park

"I'm very meticulous about my cycling equipment and I don't want just anyone working on my bikes. I need to know that the best mechanic with the most experience working on high-end equipment is taking care of my rig. I know Win is the best and I don't have to worry about the quality of the work. That peace of mind is invaluable."

David Greathouse / Westlake Village

"Local businesses come and go. Those that build a successful following share an increasingly rare trait, passion. At Win's Wheels there's no lack of enthusiasm, dare I say passion, for serving customers and servicing their bikes. There's little doubt that Win Allen is doing exactly what he's meant to be doing, evidenced by the passion he has for his business, his craft and for his customers. "

Greg Anzalone / Westlake Village

"My kids can be hard on their bikes, and as a mom, safety is a big issue for me. I need a shop that will give me confidence that all repairs, no matter how small (or how small the bike is) will still be done expertly. I've seen the way Win handles his smallest customers, and their bikes, and that gives me all the confidence that I'm at the right bike shop."

Yvonne Jena / Westlake Village

"I'm a life-long avid cyclist who lives out-of-state. For both business and pleasure I travel to Los Angles quite often. I keep a bike in LA and have it maintained by Win. Even though I'm not a local, when I step into Win's shop he makes me feel as though I am. Friendly and professional, first rate bike service, even for an out-of-towner like myself. Now that's special!"

Frank Giubardo / Maui, Hawaii