Win Allen

Win's Wheels owner, Win Allen, is a master mechanic who has over 24 years of bicycle industry experience – both in the shop and on the race circuit. Win's Wheels is a specialty business, a professional Bicycle Service Center with a singular focus, expert service on any kind of Road, Mountain, Cyclocross and Tri bike. Simply put, Win Allen doesn’t sell bikes, he repairs them, expertly.

Why did You open a Bicycle Service Cente

Because there is a tremendous need in our area for high quality bicycle servicing with fast turnaround times. I live and work in one of the most popular bicycling communities in the state, if not in the country. Over the years, as the cost of nearly every category of bikes has risen, the standard for bicycle service has not really evolved. I believe my Bicycle Service Center is a logical next step in the evolution of the bicycle industry and perfect for our community.

What Makes Your Shop Special?

My focus is not to sell you a bike, but to provide you with a range of services that will protect your investment in your bike. That singular focus is special, and unique within our industry. I’m only interested in providing my customers with the highest quality service, and to try to get their bike back to them with the least amount of downtime. Whether its a cruiser, a kid’s bike or a high-end road or mountain bike, you need it to be functioning properly to fully enjoy it. We understand this better than most. I will always available to talk to you before, during and after the work has been completed. I'm there to answer your questions or to go over with you the work that was performed. Your satisfaction is always my goal.

Please take the time to visit the shop in person. I know you will be pleased.